Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I just returned from Walt Disney World with my family. It was a magical week. My children had a ball and I must say my wife and I were in “kid mode” as well as we held our breath on Splash Mountain. We weren’t just at Disney to enjoy the rides and see Mickey; we were also there for the 2nd year of Steve Harvey’s
Disney Dreamers Academy. Steve Harvey along with TV/radio personalities and motivational speakers such as Terrence J, Judge Mathis, Troy Beyer, Monique Coleman and many more joined together to mentor and inspire 100 at-risk inner city teenager from across the country. The “Dreamers” and their guardians convened on Disney for a weekend of networking, life skill workshops, culinary boot camp and great food.

We did a mini version of “The Chef Jeff Project” with the “Dreamers” culinary team at Disney. Eight youth who had an interest in the culinary arts where given an opportunity to help prepare the grand gala dinner. There were world class chefs on hand who taught kitchen lessons along with produce and product indemnification.

I had the pleasure of speaking to the “Dreamers” and my message was how dreams are born from purposeful thinking. I was moved by their response to my message and I learned so many things from them. Yes, I learned lessons from the “Dreamers”, children are blessing from God and they are filled with knowledge, you’d be surprised at what you could learn from them if you open your heart and mind to them. Then Judge Mathis hit them hard about making the right choices and took them through his life journey of how he over came a criminal lifestyle, graduated from college and eventually became a lawyer. Another amazing young man shared his compelling life story of being born addicted to drugs. He always dreamed of being a pilot one day. He over came great obstacles to rise out of despair and is now in pilot school in the US Military.

Overall, the Dreamers Academy was phenomenal and I know the “Dreamers” left with a new found passion for life and making their dreams come true. I left with the same feeling.

I know I have been off my blog for a while. I have been traveling the country working and laying the foundation for the next big “Chef Jeff Project”. Be back soon.

As Always Bon Appetite