Monday, October 13, 2008


The Chef Jeff Project premiered on the Food Network channel. It was a dream. So many of you sent emails and supportive blogs right after the show, it was overwhelming. To know that the show touched so many lives and so many people care about what happens to the crew after just one episode was amazing. I don’t want to give up any details for episode two, just keep watching, it only gets more inspiring from here. The six crew members truly touched my life during filming and as a result, I am even more committed to continue touching lives through the Chef Jeff Project.

Since my appearance on “Oprah”, my story on “My Life in Food” and now the first episode of my reality show the correspondence from parents, grandparents, children, teachers, organizations and people all over the world has increased dramatically. To know there are so many young people and adults out there who need a guide on life’s journey is tough. A mother or father expressing there anxiety about the future of their child.…so many stories come to my inbox daily, its difficult to read them all, as I try to advise and help as many people as I can.

One thing I’ve had to come to terms with, with the help of my family, is that I can’t help everyone at once. I’d love to change the world and come to each at-risk youngster/adult and help them…but I can’t. Its impossible. I am one man….an army of one. Yes, I am dedicated to using my journey to inspire and motivate but I am also have troops of my own, a wife and three young children that need me.

Through the Chef Jeff Project, I hope to provide the crew the armor needed to fight on their own. I hope viewers will see how far a hug, positive words and believing in a person’s potential can go in changing lives; I want to bring “the project” into homes across the country. Please make a commitment to build confidence in youngsters in need. Join my army. Make a difference and give back. These youngsters are in war for their life but they have to fight, become self motivated and once the boots are placed on their feet…they must tie them up and walk towards their own success.

Circle of Sisters in NYC was great last weekend. Thanks to all of the fans that showed me love in NYC!

Up next, I’m coming to the “A”, get ready Atlanta I am in your city today. Check me out on Good Day Atlanta (Tues./Oct 14) and I will also be signing books at Borders Books in Buckhead the same day.

As always, Bon Appetit!


Lovebabz said...

We all have to pick up the torch in our own way. YOU do what do in love and it will have rippling already has.

Enjoy the ATL. I love it there, the city has charmed and seduced me. This CT yankee is thinking of relocating...*smile*

Think about a restaurant there!

Be well. Good cooking!

pwmagazine said...

Saw the show...loved it! My husband was a chef in the military and my oldest son is currently in college for culinary arts. We publish Prisonworld Magazine and would like to do a story on you soon. We are based in the ATL but found out about your visit too late. Hit us up @ All the best to you.

kEllEy_G said...

"To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world." ~Brandi Snyder

You are one, but you are touching lives one by one...and in turn, they touch lives...etc. Kinda like the movie "Pay it Forward".

So excited to see where this journey will take you...God is good.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Chef Jeff and all the people that you have reached with an open heart and soul.
It was meant to be..

Rody said...

I love the show, keep up the good work, stay strong and keep the faith!

Please visit Birmingham, AL when you can.

I would love to see you chosen as the Executive Chef for the White House for President Obama and his family!!!!

LivingIT said...

Saw the show.

I love your vibrato and swagger. You are a blessed man. Everything that happened was preordained to springboard you to your destiny, reveal your purpose and preview your passion.

Jeff, THINK BIG as you continue to seek out wondrous simplicity in all the marvelous adventures that lie ahead.

Cherish these moments. Hug and kiss your beautiful daughters often.

Much Love

Paula said...

I love your show, Chef Jeff! Thank you for the inspiration. I recently saw you with Robert Irvine cooking for the Disney's Dreamer's Academy. Your words were, 'It's all about the kids at the end,' made me teared up. As a teacher, I understood fully what that meant! Keep on going and God bless!

Bonnie said...

Great show, great idea, kudos to you for pulling yourself up and for making the effort and giving so much of our own time and energy to help others. I'm very eager to see how your proteg├ęs will deal with the challenges that are surfacing for them.

If you could allow me to air one pet peeve: On the second episode you had the "apprentice" chefs make something you and they were calling "vichyssois" (final s silent) out of avocados (with spinach for color). Vichyssoise (note final e, which means s is pronounced like an American z) does NOT mean "cold soup." It's specifically a cold soup made of leeks and potatoes. I would think teaching these kids about cooking in restaurants would also mean teaching them respect for culinary traditions, ingredients, and customers. Don't get me wrong, you are not alone in this: I wish I had a dollar for every time someone in a restaurant commits this mongrelization of classic French or Italian dishes: "eggplant tapenade," for instance (why not at least call it ratatouille or caponata, even if it is going to be a variation?).

Otherwise, it is great to see what you are doing and I imagine I will continue to stay up past my bedtime to see what happens next.

Take care, and I'm wishing your team all the best!

L.A., etc... said...


We have shared our experience with the Bungalow Club on the below blog.

Direct link:

Please feel free to contact us for any upcoming events.

Thank you,

Candice Williams

NYC MOM said...

I Loved the show!

I have 2 sons. One of them love to cook . But was thought being a chef was not cool. Now you on tv. He sees you as an example of what he can achive if he chooses that field.

Keep touching our lifes . We'll keep watching.

Lori said...

What an amazing show! I love your idea and your passion for helping those who have chosen wrong paths. I sent you an email about my son to the contact section of your website. I pray that you get to read it. Hope to see you in Nashville.

shirlondra said...

Today I saw you speak at the event hosted by Goodwill Industries and YOU were amazing. I was really touched. I currently work with the "ex-offender" population and I am so passionate when it comes to my people. You really need to release DVD's so that professionals working with ex-offenders can show how you can inspire. It's cost-effective for those of us that cannot afford to hire you!!!LOL

Jacquelyn said...

The Chef Jeff Project was great. I finished your book. It was a great read. I hope you do your tour here in Utah. I think you should write a Self-Development book of all the skills you mastered on how to be Successful.

Lei Saio- Hawaii said...

Your show has reached us in Hawaii and the true fact is not everyone has the heart anymore for second chances. God truly is working in you. Continue to allow God to bless others thru you. Maybe you should work w/Oprah to make dreams come true...

Huemanity said...

Congratulations on all your success!

You help us all remember that redemption IS possible.

Anonymous said...

Chef Jeff I jsut wanted to drop a line a say thanks for helping out the youngsters. I've watch The Jeff Project many times and each time I watch I heard the passion in your words to show these kids they can be something. You are a great man, and I hope you continue to do great work with the kids!

Dawn said...

Hey Chef Jeff,
Since I work with law enforcement, it is a blessing to see you making a change into today's society. We need you and your experiences to change young peoples lives! This intervention helps young people to become more than a wanted person on a police hit-list.

Donna said...

"The Least of Them"
Hi Chef
I had written your site asking that you be the keynote speaker for an Appreciation Dinner the Goodwill Industries of Greater NY and Northern NJ was given for ex-offenders who have maintained gainful employment since coming home from prison. I realize you are very busy and I thank God for the success He has given you. However, to my dismay I didn't even receive a "regret can't do it" from your office. When I first heard how powerful of a speaker you were and read your story I believed I had found the keynote speaker that would be able to not only relate to the men/women, but would allow them to see that they don't always have to be labeled as the "least of them". Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you in not only your cooking, but those you will reach with your message.
Min. Morgan

greg b. 32 said...

The show was the truth!I have been through some adversity,similar to yours.I am a cook and have been in the industry 12years and man i know how hard it is to come up in the hospitality industry. You really inspired me to step it up. We need more black men like yourself. Cleveland,Oh

lisalincolnpk said...

I am so happy to hear about your success. I never imagined you being a chef of all things and certainly not a world renowned chef. God has truly had his hands on your life even from the low- rider red cadillac with roses days to present for you now with your success, family and inspirational story. I remember the the last day I saw you before you went to prison. You never said that was where you were going to me. Wow, when you drove up Manomet St. (Lincoln Park, smile) that day after talking to me, in my opinion you were driving right up to your destiny.

I really hope you remain humble, successful and continue to pray and thank the Lord for his blessings in your life. Keep God in your life and in your heart.

Much Love