Sunday, October 26, 2008


Can you believe episode 3 of “The Chef Jeff Project” is airing tonight? We are already half way through the series. I know everyone has their favorite crew member. They were all my favorites, each one different and talented in their own way. Keep watching as the challenges get tougher and see if the crew continues to rise to the occasion and show hope. Keep an eye on Maria tonight.

I am coming to the end of my month long book and TV tour. It has been a world wind tour with stops in Atlanta, Florida, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Texas and Chicago. I have met so many great people who encouraged me to keep pressing forward with my work. Thank you all for your support.

During my travels, with much of the hype built around my TV show, I truly hoped that many of you enjoyed my cooking demonstrations and tasting my food while I was on the road.

I did a demonstration while at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival in front of a packed room of “Foodies” from around the world. While on an ABC affiliate show in Chicago I prepared “Striped Sea Bass” and my old school “Pineapple Upside Down Cake”. On “Good Day Atlanta” I prepared “Sweet Potato Soup w/ Collard Greens and S’ more Bread Pudding w/ Vanilla Ice Cream”. You can view many of my cooking demos online including the one on Good Morning America early this month. Check them out, its really all about the food!

That’s it, all this talk about food is making me hungry. Tune in every Sunday night and watch my crew put it down in the kitchen while making personal progress in their lives.

Hit me up and tell me some of your favorite foods and recipes. Also, pick up my new cookbook “Chef Jeff Cooks” on sale now in your local book store.

Many Blessings-CJ


DryerBuzz said...

your PR team is serious with the gate keeping. anyway you have a new fan club. got my twitter friends watching the show tonight. follow us

Gina said...

We enjoy watching your show. My SO aspires to be a professional chef.

Also, I wanted to say congrats on the article in "Cookie" magazine. You have a lovely family!

MC said...

Hello Jeff,

I just finished watching the third episode of the show. I am rooting for them all, and want each one to succeed. Maria, definitely rose to the occasion tonight.

Again, thank you for listening to my story at Borders bookstore in Chicago last Wednesday.

Many continued blessings,


Carmen O. said...

I love watching your show and what you're doing with those young adults. Keep up the good work as you are inspiring so many.

Lovebabz said...


Maria was could see her confidence growing as the show went on.

Glad to hear your whirl-wind book tour and TV appearance were a good time for you.

Would have liked to have seen a little support for the students around buying professional clothes...a little fashion consultant or professional shopper giving them tips would have been a good investment of time (10-15 minutes)*smile*

I am enjoying this show!

PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING DAIRY FREE (no butter, cheese, milk, cream etc)...come on you got skills!

Get Togetha said...

Hey Jeff,

I've been following your story and I just want to drop a line to you to let you know how inspired I am by your passion, hardwork and determination. I did an Icon post of you on my blog; cause your story should be known by as many people as possible.

Keep up the good work.


Anthony said...


I just saw the first episode of your new show The Chef Jeff Project and wanted to say that it's great to see a star chef contribute something meaningful back to the community. I have 3 apprentices under me that I have to train and coach so I know what you are dealing with on a daily basis. The most rewarding part is seeing those under your charge develop and grow into something bigger. Although you've got a lot of real greenhorns, I can see that some of them have the drive to make it. The others, I'm not so sure. Anyways, great job chef!

Anthony Hsia
Sous Chef
Fairmont Hotel, SAJ

Love Out Loud said...

Dear Chef Jeff -

I understand that you probably have 10 gagillion people that write to you and/or approach you constantly. But I really must say that you are such an inspiration for me. I am a mom of three and my oldest child is 17. He is trying to figure out just where he belongs and has even considered becoming a drug (marijuana) dealer just so he can have more money than what we provide. Of course I have tried everything in my power to convince him that there is no life in that. You have to work hard and that's it! I took some time last night to find your story online and I sowed it to him. He was amazed at your success and decided that maybe there is something better for him. I am just trying now to get him a high school diploma and prepared for real life. If I could I would love to bring him to meet you so that he could see in person that you are real and not a television personality. If it is at all possible please let me know. I would deeply appreciate it and he would be changed immensely as a result. Thank you for your time and more important, THANKX for being you!

Best regards,

Devonna B.

princessdominique said...

Awesome show. You rock. You're my blog topic today. Let us New Jersey folks know if you're coming to a bookstore near us.

Kai said...

Chef Jeff, I'm a passionate lifelong foodie who learned to cook in my grandmother's kitchen. I gave up on Food Network last year for a number of reasons, including the disturbing lack of people of color and the general superficial glossiness that seemed to be taking over. But you've brought me back to give it -- appropriately -- a second chance.

It's obvious to me that you were made for this. You're clear, focused, grounded, and your passion comes across on TV with terrific dynamic energy and intelligence and -- most importantly -- heart. That's a big part of what's missing on Food Network. You've brought it back. I look forward to watching your star rise for a long time to come.


Rom10and9 said...

Wow, I just watch episode 3. My hat goes off to you Chef. After dealing with Shantae and Adam, WOWWWW! They are so negative toward other crew members, and then they want to cry whoa is me. Woman up! Man up! This is an opportunity of a lifetime!! Shantae, you are not the first woman with personal issues, and unfortunately you won't be the last. My mom did it by herself with three kids and worked two jobs, and thanks be to God, we are awesome and she is too. Keep your head up!! Maria was excellent!! I wish you could have a challenge where they did the whole job on thier on, and you just watch. Show them that they can. Keep enspiring Chef. Jesus loves you, and I do too.

Sabrina Presents said...

Really enjoy the show Chef. Thank you.